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Pure. Sensual. Intimate. TicKL was the independent and kinky magazine of Carmen De Vos. A naughty bookazine: plain sensual, frankly arty, the result of a lusty liaison between Polaroid and sex. Horny but heartwarming. Young and playful, literate and witty and so very ready to TicKL your fancy.

TicKL was the fruit of intense collaboration between the online Polaroid community Polanoid.net, its Belgian editor-in-chief Carmen De Vos and her British right hand, editor-in-mischief Miss Zora Strangefields.

We blew minds, and we were good at it.

Now why would you resist? A rare bundle of all 4 issues for 200 euro + shipping

TicKL Magazine, the erotic Polaroid Cabinet founded in 2007 was a new and dazzling sexy magazine based on Polaroid photography, filled with mind-blowing erotic confidences: a magazine born out of the craving for true and honest sensuality and the visual story telling capacities of the Polaroid image.