TicKL #02

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Erotic Polaroid Cabinet

TicKL #2 - All the sex you ever wanted on your nightstand 
Eroticism + Polaroid= TicKL magazine
Kinky Polaroids - sultry literature - 144 pages - including 2 free collectibles!

Got a rumble in your jungle or a tingle in your tinkle?
We have just the thing: horny Europe, smothered in sensuality and wrapped in the cutest of magazines. Discover our dirty section dubbed the Trash Mahal and filled with random smutty artwork in a removable booklet in the backcover: already collectible, soon to be cult. Download John Buerno's Super8 porn movie on our website. Collect or post our postcards. Follow us to Hotel Chalgrin in Paris and receive free Polaroid film to eternalise your intimate adventures. Buy TicKL #2 now. Touch it, smell it, read it, but don't ever lend it out – our paper is NOT sperm-resistant.
Stefanie Schneider, the world-famous Polaroid artist, begged us to abuse her body, David Levinthal made us watch while he did it with toy figures, Lieve Blancquaert, Belgium's finest photographer, let us touch her girlfriend and mortierbrigade, hardcore advertising agents, started undressing before we'd even managed to say hello. More than 20 overheated artists and writers portray themselves in their perpetual quest for lust.

Now why would you resist?

TicKL Magazine, the erotic Polaroid Cabinet founded in 2007 was a new and dazzling sexy magazine based on Polaroid photography, filled with mind-blowing erotic confidences: a magazine born out of the craving for true and honest sensuality and the visual story telling capacities of the Polaroid image.