TicKL #04

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Erotic Polaroid Cabinet

TicKL #4
The Dickstravaganza Issue

"New! Improved! More cock per euro than ever before!"


In this issue, TicKL #4, your very own purveyor of porn, proudly presents exquisitely home-crafted grumble from Liliane Vertessen and Michaël Borremans, plus paraphilic Polaroid pleasures from some of the most shocking reprobates in Christendom. More than 20 real and amateur artist/photographers display the inside of their sexual soul in Polaroids and texts.

TicKL Magazine, the erotic Polaroid Cabinet founded in 2007 was a new and dazzling sexy magazine based on Polaroid photography, filled with mind-blowing erotic confidences: a magazine born out of the craving for true and honest sensuality and the visual story telling capacities of the Polaroid image.